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Photographs of finalists of recent club tournaments.

Summer club tournaments 2017

Ladies singles final:     Jennie Rayson   beat    Tanya Cheney          6-1, 5-7, 6-4
Mens singles final:       Max Hodgson    beat    Jonny Stammers       6-2, 6-3
Ladies doubles final:    Tanya Cheney and Anna Liddelow  beat
                                                    Lesley Chapman and Penny Skinner     6-2, 6-3
Mens doubles final:      Ellis Drayton and Jonny Stammers   beat
                                                     Andrew Marshall and Paul Wagner       6-4, 6-2


Summer mixed club tournament 2017

In the final:       Penny Skinner and Ian Woodley   beat  
                                                        Gill Ewing and Paul Robbins     6-3


Winter club tournaments 2016-2017

Mens vets singles:        Andrew Marshall   beat  Dave Skinner   2-6, 6-3, 7-6

Winter mixed doubles:  Tanya Cheney & James Ellwood   beat
                                            Penny Skinner & Adam Skinner      4-6, 6-3, 6-2


Junior Summer club tournaments 2017

Boys U18 singles final:  Max Hodgson       beat   Daniel Pearce       6-3, 6-0
Boys U14 singles final:  Millan Sanderson beat   Dominic Hipkin     6-2, 6-3

Girls U18 singles final:  Freya Martin        beat    Maya Sanderson   6-3, 6-2
Girls U14 singles final:  Freya Martin        beat    Nicole Egenes       6-0, 6-1

Boys U18 doubles final: Adam and William Skinner    beat
                                                      Yotam Shribman and Patrick Brazier   6-3, 6-4
Girls U18 doubles final:  Maya Sanderson and Kristie Taylor  beat  
                                                      Nicole Egenes and Freya Martin   6-4. 3-6, 6-2

U12:    Winner:  Dominic Hipkin      Runner-up:  Mack Dawson             7-5, 7-6
U10:    Winner:  Josh Kleiner-Mann Runner-up:  Nathan Kleiner-Mann  10-5, 10-5
U9:      Winner:  Thomas Wilson      Runner-up:  Adam Richardson        10-7
U8  A:  Winner:  Eloise Gardner       Runner-up:  Calvin Quamin            10-7
U8 B:   Winner:  Jack Hawkin          Runner-up:  Ellie Hawkin                10-5


Results of previous monthly American tournaments

Latest American tournament result:

July 2014:           Winners:  Jan O'Grady and Josh Mitchell, Lawrence Pearlman
                          Runners up:   Alice Marshall    and   Norman Ewing, Ben Rowland

American tournament previous results:

February 2014:    Winners:        Jan O'Grady  and   Paul Robbins
                          Runners up:   Juleen Taylor  and   Ben Ewing

January 2014:     Winners:        Tanya Cheney   and   Paul Robbins                           Runners up:   Claire Montgomery, Caroline Ciric  and   Lou Rapa

December 2013:  Winners:        Tanya Cheney  and  Laurie Cheney
                          Runners-up:   Claire Montgomery  and  David Winter

November 2013:  Winners:        Tony Tearle  and  Paul Robbins
                          Runners-up:   Gillian Latham  and  Andrew Marshall, Lou Rapa

October 2013:     Winners:        Gerard Bermingham  and  Paul Robbins
                          Runners-up:   Jan O'Grady, Cynthia O'Donnell  and  Martin Eyre

July 2013:           Winners:        Lynn Marshall  and  John Suttie
                          Runners up:   Penny Skinner  and  Andrew Marshall, Paul Robbins

June 2013:          Winners:        Norman Ewing  and  Lawrence Pearlman
                          Runners up:   Claire Montgomery  and  Tony Tearle

April 2013:          Winners:        Valerie Cowan  and  Norman Ewing
                          Runners up:    Liz Mann  and  Paul Monk

February 2013:    Winners:        Terry Smith  and  Gary Kerr
                          Runners up:   Mary McLaren  and  Andrew Marshall,
                                                                                        Josh Mitchell (tied)

January 2013:      Winners:        Sheila Engelbrecht  and  Lou Rapa
                          Runners up:   Gary Kerr  and  Paul Robbins

October 2012:     Winners:        Claire Montgomery, Sheila Engelbrecht (tied)
                                                                                   and Laurie Cheney
                          Runners up:   Gerard Bermingham  and  Ian Woodley

August 2012:      Winners:        Tanya Cheney, Paul Ng (tied)  and Andy Marshall
                          Runners up:    Valerie Cowan  and   Stephen Greenwood and
                                                                                          David Winter (tied)

July 2012:            Winners:        Gill Ewing  and  Andy Marshall, Ian Woodley (tied)
                           Runner up:     Jan O'Grady

Winter Finals Day  Winners:        Claire Montgomery  and  Paul Robbins
                           Runners up:   Jan O'Grady  and  Ian Woodley

April 2012:           Winners:        Gillian Latham  and  Martin Eyre
                           Runners up:   Sheila Engelbrecht and Andrew Marshall

December 2011:   Winners:        Liz Mann  and  Stuart Lewis
                           Runners up:   Mary McLaren  and  Lou Rapa

November 2011:   Winners:        Cynthia O'Donnell  and  Laurie Cheney
                           Runners up:   Jan O'Grady  and  Stuart Lewis, 
                                                                                James Ellwood, Josh Mitchell

October 2011:      Winners:        Gillian Latham  and  Andy Marshall
                           Runners up:   Gill Ewing, Valerie Cowan, Claire Montgomery  
                                                                                        and  David Thompson

Photographs of finalists of recent club tournaments.


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